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    I believe the « perfect world » it’s the same judeo christian « paradise » shit just with another name.

    « in a society where “direct” communication barely exists it would be more than complicated to do counterinformation without internet »

    I’m not against the use of internet. but if even in the first years of anarchist and socialist movements they used newspapers and books to spread their word, why it should be impossible to do today? on the contrary.

    I think the best way to speak and inform to the others is just doing that.
    leaving behind the fear to people.

    no matter if we have very super anarchist counterinformation websites,
    we are reproducing the same tecnological tool that powerful people uses to mantain the social piramid.
    and the alienation of every individuality.


  2. xXx at |

    well, let’s leave internet behind and close every counterinformation website, like this one

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